New Impressions


CEMOY is local skincare brand in Australia promoting its products with the concept of pure nature without additives.

Based on the client’s demand of introducing its new products, we organized and built a pop-up store in Westfield Sydney which is one of the most popular shopping centres in Australia that always holds high foot traffic. We displayed new products nicely and well organized the product trial supported by CEMOY’s sales.

During the event period, up to 30,000 customers on average visited the store daily, and over $3,000 AUD revenue was generated per day. The highest daily sales reached $9,000 AUD. Live streaming was also operated to support the event promotion, the view number of which was over 140,000. Therefore, with online and off-line activities, we helped CEMOY reach a broad number of its potential customers and made them be aware of the brand and its latest products. All the products in the pop-up store was sold out during the event. The conversion rate was 100%.