New Impressions

Burwood Council

In 2019, New Impressions Media successfully cooperated with Burwood Council celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival in Burwood Park.

With the goals to increase the awareness of Burwood and the vitality of its business circle among Chinese community, we organized the one-day event supported by all walks of life in Burwood. The event attracted over 50,000 participants, presented a vibrant community environment and was highly regarded by the public.

At the opening ceremony, John Faker, major of Burwood Council was invited to deliver a welcome speech followed by art and cultural shows lasted from 10 AM to 8 PM. Besides, there were over 80 vendor booths and parents-children activities such as making lantern, sand painting, facial painting, etc. Koalas and kangaroo dolls were placed and were quite popular among the guests.

Apart from the event, we did pre-event promotion and event recap online as well to level the marketing effectiveness.